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Tilting Target 30 x 30 mm

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Dwsitepro Aperture


When using tachymeter and total stations, the reflective mark can always be aligned precisely with the measuring instrument. The reflective target can be turned in a radius of 180° making it possible to use the same survey point from different directions. If the markers are installed in the area of the construction site before construction starts, the foremen or surveyors can use the same surveying point at all times during construction from the excavation to the highest floor. Depending on the construction phase, the markers are adjusted to the construction site process by alignment of the reflective target. With the integrated plug-in system, several markers can be combined with each other. The targets can be connected to each other in both directions which enables measurement from different directions without having to turn the reflective targets. The distance between the measuring points, with targets which are combined with one another, is always 60 mm. Adhesives permit quick and simple installation even on difficult surfaces. Provided holes permit attachment with dowels and screws.
  • Offset: 0
  • Height of tilting axis: 30 mm
  • Reflector targets are 30 x 30 mm
  • Use with RSFP-X80-G
  • Available in Red and Grey Color
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