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About Us

Municipal Marking Distributors - MMD

Hi! We’re Municipal Marking Distributors (but you might know us as MMD).

We’re the one-stop construction supply company for all your wood, paint, and flagging needs!

We maintain over 11,000 ft2 of inventory space, from which orders are expedited or picked up on-site.

Meet The Fam

Kat Gordon, Head Honcho

“Shake Your Cans Not Your Hands”

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Paul Deihs, Delivery Bigwig

“Forget the Million Mile Club. I’m the Trillion Mile Club President”

Amy Dabe, Office Assistant

“I’m not short. I’m fun size”

Chompers, MMD Mascot

“Food now. Nap later.”


We’re a culture-focused company that aims to have a BIG positive effect in our community (and beyond). 

We think about the impact that our choices will have well into the future, and we try to come up with ways to do things that will benefit everyone who walks into our building or receives a delivery from us. We’re all about doing good for our fellow humans (more on this in our blog post, One Big Human Family).

In 2020, we founded our sister company, Flat Can Recycling to help mitigate the negative effects of aerosol paint on our environment. Read more about how we’ve been recycling since 2010 in our blog post, Where Pride Comes From).

Our Values

New About Us Page In Testing
New About Us Page In Testing
New About Us Page In Testing

To find out more about what drives everything we do at MMD, check out our blog post, There’s Loyalty, and then there’s Fierce Loyalty.

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