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Rotatable Tilting Target 30 x 30 mm

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Dwsitepro Aperture


The reflective target markers RS193 for use with tachymeter and total station. The reflective marker can always be set up accurately on the measuring instrument and rotated through a radius of 360°. Thus the same survey point can be used from all directions. When using fixed point RSFP-X90, the targets can be removed and later replaced on the same survey point. If required the specially developed protective cap RSPC10 protects the reflective mark from fouling.
  • Target can swivel through 360°
  • Reflective target markers 30 x 30 mm
  • Range approx. 80 m
  • Offset: 0; Height of tilting axis: 45 mm
  • Red Color
  • Available: Magnatized or Non Magnatized
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