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The ultimate way to start your day (in times of COVID, and beyond)

The Ultimate Way To Start Your Day (in Times Of Covid, And Beyond)

During a visit from George Wiszowaty of Custom Companies a few months ago, I learned that he makes it a point to have gratitude for his first breath when he wakes up in the morning.

This was pretty awesome to hear all on its own, but the best part about learning this was that it was during a sales appointment. Yep, George is MMD’s kind of vendor, and this tiny bit of information has stuck with me throughout the COVID crisis.

Over two weeks ago now, I had to make the decision, “what is MMD going to do?” My first priority was the safety of my staff, so I told them to stay home effective immediately. That first Monday morning I drove into work, fighting back my tears. But when I arrived at our office, I remembered George. 

“Start your day with gratitude, Kat,” I told myself. 

So I pulled up my big girl panties, and I decided to dance. Then I decided I would post videos of myself dancing on social media, for anyone who needed a laugh. I posted it for my girlfriends who were worried. I posted it for other business owners like myself who were suddenly finding themselves wearing even more hats than usual due to not having many (or any!) employees present.

I’ll be honest: I’m no stranger to working hard, and our MMD family is even harder-working, but the mental game of staying positive has been an hour-by-hour challenge. We extend loving kindness to our health care workers and first responders. We will survive this, and be stronger for it.

MMD will not lose any employees as a result of this COVID crisis, and I’ve danced every morning since that first Monday of office solitude. I honor Paul and Amy and humanity in general with my dances. I start my day with gratitude and positivity – all because of a sales visit from George.

We are blessed to have the most wonderful customers in the world! When they call and ask how MMD is surviving, I simply reply… we are dancing through it, day by day!

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