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Keson Electronic Steel Wheel

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The MP401E is the only electronic wheel with a steel frame. It is the world’s sturdiest electronic measuring wheel, and we think it’s the easiest and the most comfortable to use. We are confident that it will stand up to the harshest field conditions.Great for Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Paving Contractors, Fencing Specialists, Real Estate Pros, Utility Personnel, Surveyors, Police Work, Facility Engineers, and Telecommunications Contractors. Our patent-pending thumb-up grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control. Dust, dirt and other particles can disrupt a light beam used in competitive units. Our magnetic pick-up does not have these problems. Designed to NEMA Class II standards, our counter housing ensures that it will not be damaged by rain. What’s more, you can safely clean the entire wheel with a damp cloth.Our huge digital counter is in the most protected spot on the wheel. With the handle up, it is nearly impossible for the counter to come into contact with the ground. With the handle down, the roll bar offers solid protection. Size: Diameter 15 1/2″ Color: Flo Orange & Black.

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