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How to attain Zen Mode inside a semi truck trailer

How To Attain Zen Mode Inside A Semi Truck Trailer

How to attain Zen Mode inside a semi truck trailer

Every week we receive inventory from our saw mill to our Gilberts warehouse in the form of sticks.

Yep, you heard right. Sticks.

Our sticks (aka survey lath and stakes) are typically made of oak. They’re used by land surveyors and construction companies to mark various targets before work begins on infrastructure development projects, like road improvements, construction of new subdivisions, etc. Basically, whenever the measuring and development of land is involved, surveyors will color-code wood lath and stakes to indicate access to roads, well locations, pipeline paths, gas processing sites, rights-of-way—you name it—and put them down to make sure everything gets put in the right place.

Typically my crewmates, Paul and Amy, unload the inventory from our saw mill as I’m returning phone calls, keeping on top of our delivery schedule, and servicing our customers. But, every once in a while I hop in the back of the semi for old time’s sake. Today, as I proudly wore my black sequin work boots to unload this shipment, I realized that I’ve been doing this task for over 15 years. Unloading the semi used to be something I dreaded. It’s hard physical labour and I undoubtedly get covered head to toe in sawdust. But these days, it’s something I look forward to.

I’m grateful to be in business and to have the hardest working team around. I’m reminded of nature’s sacrifice for these products and feel good about their use and returning them back to the place they came from, the earth.

When the semi door opens I cannot tell you how amazing the air smells as it wafts out and hits my nostrils. I liken it to a wine cave (hold the wine) or a new oak barrel before that smooth grape nectar of the gods is gently poured into it. Thanks to the helpful guidance of a friend from Blue Lotus Temple, Bhante Soma, I slip easily into Zen Mode and my mind is happy and peaceful.

Paul (our top forklift driver with unparalleled precision) passes the baton to Amy as he hits the pavement for a day of deliveries to our customers in Milwaukee. With Amy on the forklift and me using the electric pallet jack, we begin the rhythmic dance of unloading the semi. We remain present and slowly take one pallet off at a time. Despite my lacking algebra skills, I’ve mastered the art of geometry and carefully place my pallet jack in just the right spot each time. I see Amy on the forklift and she is strategic with each shift of the handles. She really has come a long way and there is no limit to her potential.

I can’t imagine, at this stage of our company, not being humble by moments like this. I remain grateful for and positive about my work family. We’ve banded together, are committed to the customer experience, and run the show like clockwork.

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