Taffeta Flagging

Taffeta Flagging

Texas Flagging Glo BlueTexas Flagging Glo GreenTexas Flagging Glo LimeTexas Flagging Glo OrangeTexas Flagging Glo PinkTexas Flagging Standard BlueTexas Flagging Standard GreenTexas Flagging Standard RedTexas Flagging Standard YellowTexas Flagging White
Texas Flagging Glo Blue
Texas Flagging Glo Green
Texas Flagging Glo Lime
Texas Flagging Glo Orange
Texas Flagging Glo Pink
Texas Flagging Standard Blue
Texas Flagging Standard Green
Texas Flagging Standard Red
Texas Flagging Standard Yellow
Texas Flagging White
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/ carton = 12 rolls

Our Presco Taffeta Roll Flagging is the highest quality flagging on the market. Taffeta Grade features: -10F Temperature Resistance. Round with Texas shaped embossing pattern identifies it as Presco’s high quality product. Size: 1 3/16″ x 150′

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