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Reflective Tape Survey Targets 30 x 30 mm

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Reflective Survey Targets are the easy way to faster, more accurate construction layout

Great for backsights, check shots, elevation references and monitoring situations, ‘Smart from the Start’ Rothbucher Systeme markers are the best way to take advantage of your investment in high tech survey equipment. Save crew time, keep employees out of danger, get better data, and feel more secure about construction layout: can you afford not to use Rothbucher Systeme markers?

Ranges: Target reflectors w/ cross hair 30 x 30 mm: range approx. 80 m (262 ft). The ranges are average values and will be greatly exceeded by the majority of current total stations, some of them need a minimum distance of 10 meters.

Attention: It is recommended that only reflective targets are used for distance measurements with tachymeters or total stations. Targets with cross-hairs (non reflective) are offered specialy for use with auto levels, theodolites and construction lasers.

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