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Last Updated: 2/14/2017


Cans Recycled

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 Kept Out of the Ground


Trees Planted



Paper Recycled

 In Pounds

The MMD CAN program was started in 2013 by Kathryn Kresic of Municipal Marking Distributors (MMD). The program’s goal is simple: recycle empty aerosol paint cans. Many times our top selling product, inverted marking paint, ends up thrown into the job site which can’t be good for the environment. We will accept any brand of aerosol paint, it doesn’t matter if you purchased it from us or not.

How You Can Participate

Drop  off your empty aerosol paint cans at our warehouse located at 17 Galligan Road in Gilberts, Illinois 60136 (feel free to leave them outside if we are closed).

Give your empty cans to our delivery driver when he’s delivering your order.

Place a wire crate at your location which can be exchanged once its full. Contact us for more details.

Current Participants

Planting Trees

As a company that focuses on providing the best products in the industry to meet our clients’ needs, and as a company that is deeply aware of the important role that our natural environment plays in supporting our business operations, Municipal Marking Distributors, Inc. is incredibly pleased to announce that we are joining with American Forests® to plant trees annually.

We know that our customers care about the environment just as much as we do. It is our pleasure to plant these trees in honor of our customers and to thank them for their ongoing support. We hope you’ll enjoy the many environmental benefits that our nations’ forests provide—such as cleaning our drinking water, absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and providing homes for wildlife—for many years to come.

Support American Forests

Recycling Paper

Municipal Marking Distributors, Inc. is incredibly pleased to announce that we are joining with AMS Store and Shred (AG Medical Systems, Inc.) for the secure recycling of our office documents.

Interested in offsetting your carbon footprint?
You can enlist the services of AMS Store & Shred (AG Medical Systems, Inc.)

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